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Discover the exclusive dental plans for AMUPEF members and enjoy a healthy smile at the best price. Our alliance with
The main dental clinics in the country allow you to access high-quality treatments and personalized attention.

Join AMUPEF and take care of your mental health with the advantages that only our membership can offer you!

Integral services

Learn about our comprehensive dental services, a unique proposal that combines top-level dental care with the comfort and efficiency you need.

  1. Odontology
  2. Dental Aesthetics
  3. Implantology
  4. Pediatric dentistry

Take care of your mouth

Taking care of your mouth will not only help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile, but it can also prevent systemic diseases and improve your quality of life.

From pediatric dentistry, which includes prevention and early diagnosis of dental problems to dental aesthetics, whitening, orthodontics, implants, periodic check-ups, among many other services.

Learn more about how AMUPEF can help you take care of your oral health!