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More than 10,000 benefits in leading brands throughout Latin America.

Our coupon platform allows the user to search and access the best benefits from their computer or cell phone and, in just 2 clicks, access the promotional discount code.

Discover discounts, promotions and coupons from thousands of businesses throughout the country, including categories of Shopping, Gastronomy, Clothing and Fashion, Education and Courses, Services, Tourism, Gyms and Sports, Beauty and Health, Entertainment, Motorcycles, Theaters, Cars and Cinemas.

You also have access to weekly Wellness activities that you can do from the comfort of your home.

In addition, you have discounts on different insurance and travel platforms.

Save on all your purchases

Through the club, you will find discounts on supermarket and fuel purchases, goods and services that you consume on a recurring and monthly basis. With a couple of purchases you save the membership fee!