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Legal, Accounting Services and many more!

Welcome AMUPEF associates! We are pleased to present our comprehensive Consulting and Management service designed exclusively for our members.

Included services
  • Legal Areas: Legal advice in various branches of law.
  • Accounting and Tax: Guidance on financial and tax issues.
  • Provisional, Municipal and Registry: Support in procedures related to pensions, municipal records and more.
  • National and Provincial Management: From registrations and registrations to tax payments and service fees (except the collection management of checks not related to savings or loans).
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Why choose us?
  • Rigorously Selected Professionals: We have a highly qualified and licensed team.
  • Board of Directors in Charge: The management and supervision of our service is in the hands of our committed Board of Directors.
  • Competitive Fees: Our general advice service is free. If a case or management is decided, the fees will be lower than those common in the market.
  • Flexibility: Consultations at the Mutual headquarters on specific days and times and the possibility of individual consultations in special cases.
Transparency and Reliability

The Mutual Association of Forces Personnel guarantees a quality service, in accordance with the regulations and in line with the values of the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy.

Contact us

If you are a member and want to know more about this service, visit our headquarters or call us at (phone number).

Take advantage of this service designed with you and your needs in mind! Your peace of mind and satisfaction are our priority.

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