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Boosting Your Personal and Professional Development

At the Mutual Association of Forces Personnel (AMUPEF), we believe that personal and professional growth is essential for a fulfilling life. That is why we are proud to offer an extensive Training program, designed to enrich your skills and knowledge.

Our trainings are designed to respond to the needs of our members, covering a wide range of topics and disciplines. Whether you want to improve your skills in your current field, explore new areas of interest, or gain valuable tools to navigate your personal life, our trainings will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

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Taught by highly trained professionals with experience in their field, our trainings promote active and meaningful learning. Our goal is that, at the end of each training, you leave not only with more knowledge, but with the confidence and motivation to apply what you learn.

Additionally, we understand that each member has their own learning pace and personal circumstances. That's why we strive to offer flexibility in our training, with a variety of formats and schedules to suit your needs.

At AMUPEF, we are proud to be part of your path of growth and development. Join us and discover the transformative power of education!

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