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since 1998...

More than 20 years of history

AMUPEF arose from the initiative of its founding president, who, through his extensive history of more than twenty years of work and collaboration with the national forces, was formed from the ideology of uniting them and grouping them into a single entity, with the in order to provide benefits in a more efficient and direct way that helps you complete your daily tasks and improve your daily life.

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Our values and objectives

Permanent innovation

We are constantly working on new services for our partners.

Transparent channels

All the news, updates and information of interest in one place.

Personalized attention

We respond to your queries in a personalized way through digital media.

From anywhere!

You can access all services from anywhere in the country.

Together we are stronger.

Therefore, the founder located the different needs in each of the forces and managed to convene an important team of participants, who, in total agreement with the proposed ideologies, would develop the main guidelines of AMUPEF to reach the main objectives of its creation. : offer transparency, trust and values to its members, with the clear benefit of offering the possibility of participating to anyone who wants to, regardless of their activity.

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They already know us...

Our main purpose is the compliance and satisfaction of our members.

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