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Commitment to your well-being

At AMUPEF, we are committed to the health and well-being of our members. That's why we offer a Health Service that is not only comprehensive and wide-ranging, but also embraces innovation and the future of healthcare.

In addition to classic services such as outpatient care, clinical and surgical admissions, diagnostic practices, treatments in various specialties, emergency services, medication supply, transfers and nursing services, we are excited to add telemedicine to our service offering.

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near
The Health of the Future

Telemedicine allows our members to access high-quality medical consultations from the comfort and safety of their home, breaking down geographic barriers and facilitating accessibility to health professionals. This service becomes especially useful in situations where transfers may be complicated or when quick medical attention is needed.

As always, we are committed to keeping our members informed of any variation in benefits or changes in tariff rates at least 30 days in advance. And to ensure you can access our health services as quickly as possible, our waiting period is only 9 months.

Join us on this path to a healthy and technologically advanced future. At AMUPEF, your health is our priority and we are delighted to offer you the best and most modern options for your care. Trust us for your medical care!

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