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We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between the Mutual Association of Forces Personnel (AMUPEF) and Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA. The main objective of this alliance is to provide our associates with exclusive benefits and special prices on tourist services.

Benefits for AMUPEF

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Thanks to this alliance, our associates will be able to enjoy special prices and exclusive offers on the services of Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA. It is a unique opportunity to discover new destinations and live unforgettable experiences, backed by the quality and professionalism of a leading company in the sector. .

We invite all our associates to take advantage of this collaboration and immerse themselves in the wonderful proposals that Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA has to offer.

About Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA

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Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA is a leading organization in the production and marketing of tourist services. With more than 20 years of experience, it has stood out for its specialization in tourist services for the senior segment. However, over time, they have expanded their offer for all those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of traveling.

The company prides itself on its constant improvement and updating, both at the management level and at all levels that comprise it. Its commitment to technological development and service quality positions it as one of the most solid and prestigious in the tourism market.

With a geographical presence that ranges from the Federal Capital, through Greater Buenos Aires, towns in the interior of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Gran Rosario, to Córdoba Capital and its internal towns, Pedraza Viajes y Turismo SA has demonstrated its capacity for expansion and adaptability .

Its wide and select clientele includes retirement centers, mutual societies, unions, social works, travel agencies, families and friends. This diversity reflects its ability to satisfy the expectations of each client, backed by its knowledge of the market and its prestige as a serious, solid and capable company.

We hope you enjoy this new advantage and we wish you many happy trips!

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